How to Write Web Copy That Gets Great Google Rankings

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Tutorial Details: 

Are your clients asking you to write "SEO optimized" Web content? Are you afraid that "writing for Google" means repeating the same words over and over? Here's a news flash: If you know how to write for the Web, you can easily learn how to write fantastic, top-positioned content—without your copy sounding stilted, spammy, or dense.

Get the real facts about "SEO copywriting" (search engine optimization copywriting) in this tutorial. Since 1998, Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO of SuccessWorks, has been teaching writers how to capture better search rankings—without making their writing sound weird, stilted, or mechanical. She's worked with freelance and in-house writers around the world, and in 2010, she created the industry-endorsed SEO Copywriting Certification training.

In this 35-minute tutorial video, you'll learn:

  • What SEO copywriting is (and isn't!), and why freelance writers are uniquely positioned to succeed in this specialized niche.
  • Why Google rewards quality content, and how it's kicking "thin" content to the bottom of the search results pile.
  • Three things every Web writer needs to know about SEO copywriting.
  • Stellar sites that show how SEO writing can shine.

If you've been afraid that SEO copywriting is "too technical," relax. This tutorial is geek-speak free and was developed by a writer, for writers.

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