5 Keys to Selling Your Nonfiction Book or Memoir

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Tutorial Details: 

Each month, hundreds of nonfiction and memoir submissions come to publishers. Submissions to the infamous ‘slush pile’ are lucky to get a few minutes of an editor’s attention. You put a lot into your book and submission and you want those few minutes to count. You must know what to emphasize and how to prioritize your points to make your book attractive.

This tutorial is taught by Peter Archer. Peter is an editor at Adams Media and author of The Quotable Intellectual and I Watch, Therefore I Am. He is the former editorial director of novels for Wizards of the Coast, creators of Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: The Gathering. Peter is also the author of half a dozen fantasy novels and several short stories.

In this 85-minute tutorial video, you’ll learn about:

  • The Unique Sales Proposition. Discover how your book is different from other books on the market and learn about various ways to differentiate your project.
  • Good Comparative Titles. Learn how to create your list and why this is important.
  • Powerful Marketing Platform. Build an author platform, build strong credentials for yourself, and catch the attention of publishers!
  • Compelling Table of Contents. The TOC is the skeleton of your book. Learn how to make your chapters logically flow.
  • Strong Writing. In most proposals, you’ll need to include sample chapters—find out which chapters to include and how to make your writing stronger.

Not only will you learn, in detail, about the five keys to selling your nonfiction book, but you’ll also gain insight from an editor’s point of view and glean many more invaluable tips to help move your writing career forward.

Runtime: 01:25:07