How Writers Can Use Amazon to Boost Their Sales

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Tutorial Details: 

As the publishing landscape shifts beneath our feet, writers have to work harder than ever before to sell their books, raise consumer awareness, and stand out from every other book on the shelf. The opportunities for driving sales are many. During this tutorial, you’ll learn which techniques and tools are most effective and what kind of success you can expect by using them.

One of the most economical and powerful ways of boosting sales and awareness is through the free online tools provided by Amazon’s “Author Central” platform. Whether you’re a traditionally published author, or a self published author, this tutorial will explain what those tools are and how to use them most effectively. Amazon is one of the few book retailers who show consistent, substantial growth, and the ability to move product year after year. Now is your opportunity to learn how to use their platform to your advantage.

You’ll gain a unique, inside perspective from co-presenters Jon P. Fine and Kate Travers. Jon is the Director of Author and Publisher Relations for, and Kate has experience as a Digital Marketing Manager.

This tutorial was recorded in front of a live audience and even includes candid questions and answers.

In this 74-minute tutorial video, you’ll learn:

  • What tools for selling and promoting your books are available from Amazon
  • Which tools get the best results and why
  • Why it's easier now than ever before to drive your own sales
  • How to better understand what an Amazon “bestsellers rank” means
  • How to help generate legitimate customer reviews of your work

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an advertiser tutorial. Amazon has graciously agreed to conduct this training session so that you can learn how to get the most out of their free online resources. Amazon does not receive any payment for your tutorial subscription or OnDemand purchase.

Runtime: 01:13:59