The Lifecycle of Your Book

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Tutorial Details: 

Every writer dreams of the day when he or she finally gets their book in print. But the world of traditional publishing is changing faster than ever, with books staying in print for a much shorter period of time, retailers pulling titles from shelves sooner than ever before, and publishers making hard decisions about what titles to liquidate in hard-copy form.

If you want the inside scoop on how the system currently works (i.e., what the cycle of selling in, selling through, and selling off your book will be like), this tutorial shouldn't be missed. You'll learn how the industry takes your initial idea, sells it in book form (and also in pieces), and decides what its future will be when sales begin to slow.

What you'll learn in this 38-minute video:

The 5 Stages of Your Book's Lifecycle:

  • Birth—How to successfully launch your book
  • Adolescence—How to influence your book's future outcome
  • Adulthood—How to make the most of your book's successes (and failures)
  • Old Age—How to stave off the inevitable decline in your book's sales
  • Death—How to resuscitate your book when it starts to disappear

  • Runtime: 00:37:56