Query Letter Basics for Books

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Tutorial Details: 

However brilliant your novel or nonfiction book idea may be, it won’t get off the ground if you can’t convince an agent or editor of its worth. Your key to success is writing a persuasive query letter that will dazzle publishing insiders and get them interested in seeing more of your work.

 Join Writer’s Digest Publisher Phil Sexton as he outlines the key aspects of writing an effective query letter, including: what to include in your letter; how to target it to a particular agent or editor, and how to make your bio authoritative and relevant.

What you’ll learn in this 30-minute video:

  • The definition of a query letter and why you need one
  • The 5 pieces of information that all good queries should include
  • How queries for fiction and nonfiction differ
  • How to create a compelling hook
  • What you shouldn't include in a query letter

 Write a stand-out query letter that will sell your book idea to agents and editors—preview the tutorial today!

Runtime: 00:29:21